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Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'm from Iowa

This is George Bailey. I think I have to calm down and try not to yell as much as I did last night. One person said the talking loud was turning into YELLING and the edges were getting scratchy. Yes, sir, I will have to merely talk loudly. As a teacher, I can surely do that, but I will have to be careful, because if I do it too much, I will loose what I have left of my voice.

Well, this blog is going to cover more than just the play. If our leader!!, the big N, wants me to add only play stuff, I'll do something different.

The other night, N told us that people had been jibber jabbering in the audience during rehearsal two nights in a row. I have to disagree. On Tuesday, they were definitely making noise, but on Wednesday, it was great. I'm sure N won't mind be disagreeing in public, he's often told me that he has a lot of experience putting up with actors' fickle narcissisms.

I think the play is going wonderfully. I love this. It's like a dream come true. Sometimes I have to stop and think that I am actually playing a big part like this. I've always thought acting would be the easiest, most fun job on earth. What do actors have to do except recite lines they are given? What is creative about that? Not only that but movie actors get to do it as many times as they need to get it right. That means they don't even have to strictly memorize their lines.

I think we should never fail to do a no-stop run through of every scene that we rehearse each night. If that means doing a couple less scenes so we can still finish by 8:30, then so be it. I think it gives everybody a clearer mindset of what the finished product will feel like. This would also eliminate people getting up in the middle of the rehearsal, and everyone would be able to say good-bye to everyone else. As it is, if people come late and leave early, some cast members may have no contact beyond on stage in a scene.

So this is blogging. It reminds me of a trip. Eight years ago, I was in a four-car caravan going from Baku, Azerbaijan to Tblisi, Georgia. All the cars had grovey walkie-talkies--our machine could broadcast but not receive. I sung to the other cars, told them jokes, it was hilarious. For me. The coolest thing was telling them all of a joke except the punchline. I wanted to see how many people cared. Well...not many. It's probably the mark of an inexperinced blogger to go on and on about stupid things at the end of a blog--but what am I? I pride myself in not ever claiming to be anything I'm not, and never denying anything I am. I'm from Iowa.


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