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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Panorama 2011 Last day

Play set from Mike Smith

At home, our neighbor, John from Omaha, asked if I wanted his help putting up the playset. I had talked to him earlier in the day about it. He came over and we had success getting the thing together. I would have liked to have the boys help me out, but they were not much interested. Maxim was not even excited about the thing. Now that we have the basic thing there, I will be able to add on more equipment.

On the last day, we went to church and then to a classic car show. Next we saw the musical, “Little Shop of Horrors” that will be performed by the high school and a community theater. It was hilarious and the boys loved it.

Then we went to a new bike trail that is on a railroad line, and goes over a trestle bridge—it starts at Woodward. after biking, we planned to come back here and set off the smoke bombs and fireworks that we got in Washington State. Didn't get to the fireworks.


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